Hello I am mr.sleeps.

I'm a Brighton based DJ that has had the privilege to play in places big and small all over the world, I've even been lucky enough to play alongside people who are more famous (and talented) than I will ever be.

I have a very diverse music taste, which helps in my music selection. I try not to pigeon hole myself as a dj, but generally speaking I'm a house dj. I'm not one of those DJs that has an overly inflated ego (this is demonstrated by me having my own website saying how amazing I am). I know my stuff and am happy to prove it.

I have a cat.

I once caught a big fish.

My mum thinks I'm pretty cool.

Some Of My Mixes

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It's All Gone SkeeWiff

  • 57m55s
  • 7194 listens

A Lil Funky

  • 58m53s
  • 481 listens

Sunny March Funk Mix

  • 45m52s
  • 851 listens

Lots Of Decks

  • 36m07s
  • 15 listens

Reggae Mix 1

  • 53m54s
  • 158 listens

Reggae Mix 2

  • 1h10m27s
  • 52 listens

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